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Quake at DreamHack is a modern DreamHack esports classic and today we are very happy to open up the player applications to the tournament at DreamHack Winter 2013. We have room for 32 players and we will as usual give a slot to the reigning DreamHack champion Orekhov “evil” Sergey from team 102.DeliberateMurder.

All the best matches will be live streamed in HD via Twitch. All games is played on tournament PCs in a tournament area and the final will be played on one of the DreamArenas. Quake Live is a free to play arena shooter created and supported by id Software. Easy to join, get started and play in a few minutes! Wanna play in the tournament? Send us your application today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mail to: esport@dreamhack.se
Subject: DreamHack Winter 2013 Quake Live Tournament
Notable achievements:


Tournament: DreamHack Winter 2013 Quake Live Championship
Location: DreamHack Winter 2013, Hall B, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Dates: 28-30 November
No of players: 32
Platform: PC
Monitor: 120Hz
Format: 1on1 Duel, BO3 Group Play to BO5 SE Play Off
Game Settings: 1on1, Duel, 10 minutes, 2 minutes overtime
Prize Purse: 100 000 SEK (1. 50 000, 2. 25 000, 3. 15 000, 4. 10 000)
Controllers: Please bring your own mouse, keyboard & headset
Tickets / Competitor fee: All competitors need to have the Event Pass / Competitor Pass (550 SEK) or Computer seat BYOC ticket (from 929 SEK) to be able to participate in tournaments. Buy tickets at bokning.dreamhack.se.


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