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DreamHack together with EIZO are proud and happy to announce that DreamHack Open Grand Finals will use the new EIZO FG2421 240hz monitor at DreamHack Winter 28-30 November 2013.

DreamHack’s longterm partner and one of the true supporters of DreamHack Open EIZO have released the brand new EIZO FG2421 240z monitor, read more here. Thanks to EIZO all the 20 competitors of DreamHack Open Grand Finals will be able to play on this new fantastic monitor, when we host the Grand Finals of DreamHack Open 2013.

“EIZO has provided the official DreamHack StarCraft II monitors since back in 2010. The EIZO monitors are very popular among the players but we have noticed that during this year StarCraft II players have asked about a faster update rate frequency. At DreamHack we are very pleased that EIZO has developed this fantastic monitor that can’t be compared to any other product on the market” said Christian Lord, Tournament Director, DreamHack.


The new EIZO FG2421 240z monitor feature a wide range of cool features, but being the industry’s first 240hz monitor is of course the unique product feature with this new EIZO FG2421 monitor. Experience fluid gameplay free from motion blur as EIZO’s Turbo 240 converts 120 Hz input signals to 240 Hz for a refresh rate double that of conventional gaming monitors.

VA panel

EIZO have also ensured to have best possible input lag, since EIZO have developed its own integrated circuit to ensure your commands appear onscreen without delay. EIZO FORIS FG2421 also uses a new VA (vertical alignment) panel with a native contrast ratio of 5000:1. This is 5 times more than what other gaming monitors offer and increases the visibility in dark scenes so you can spot enemies more quickly. It’s the first time a monitor with 120hz or more can offer a VA panel.

Of course, the new monitor comes with EIZO’s five-year warranty, which is two years or 67% longer than the standard three-year warranty of most brands.

Read more about the FG2421 on this page: gaming.eizo.com

The new EIZO FG2421 monitor will be available in DreamStore during DreamHack Winter 2013. More information about the special campaign soon.

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