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Today we are very happy to announce the final five competitors to finalize the list for DreamHack Winter Quake Live Championship. The tournament is gearing up to be one of the most talented in Quake Live history.

The best matches from DreamHack Winter Quake Live Championship will be played and showed in a dedicated arena with seats for over 300 people and of course we also will provide a live stream in HD via Twitch from the tournament. Stay tuned for schedule and more details on how to experience the tournament at location.


1. Rapha
2. Cypher
3. Spart1e
4. fazz
5. fire_bot
6. k1llsen
7. dem0n
8. matr0x_pl
10. Fraze
11. Camma
12. Aeol
13. etty
14. bpatela
15. plazmaistar
16. kRoNic
17. SL1P
18. uaLaskij
19. P0ni
20. gienon
21. zeun
22. Evil
23. Cooller
24. Twister
25. pavel
26. Ph4ntom
27. Detrony
28. Av3k
29. strenx
30. DaHang
31. tox
32. Sothis


Blood Run
Furious Heights
Lost World


Tournament: DreamHack Winter 2013 Quake Live Championship
Location: DreamHack Winter 2013, Hall B, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Dates: 28-30 November
No of players: 32
Platform: PC
Monitor: 120Hz
Format: 1on1 Duel, BO3 Group Play to BO5 SE Play Off
Game Settings: 1on1, Duel, 10 minutes, 2 minutes overtime
Prize Purse: 100 000 SEK (1. 50 000, 2. 25 000, 3. 15 000, 4. 10 000)
Controllers: Please bring your own mouse, keyboard & headset
Tickets / Competitor fee: All competitors need to have the Event Pass / Competitor Pass (550 SEK) or Computer seat BYOC ticket (from 929 SEK) to be able to participate in tournaments. Buy tickets at bokning.dreamhack.se.


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