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Do you want to learn how to protect yourself against STDs and other viruses and bacteria? How strong you can become by using elementary physical activity? Or, which profession offers the best chances of obtaining a job?

Pass by Landstinget’s showcase at Dreamhack Winter and have a chat with us. Present at the showcase are representatives from the Youth Clinic, STD Clinic, Medical Diagnostics and Public Health Section. Our main focus is to work preventative against STD’s, help doctors in determine the correct diagnosis and, moreover, serve for that all residents in Jönköping’s county have a good health.

At or showcase you can compete in “Dildo duel”, “Chair duel”, guess and pair the correct leg for Benjamin, challenge the strength of your legs and much, much more. Awards every day at 8 p.m.!

If you would like to get tangled up, come and try out Twister with us!

See you at Landstinget’s showcase at Dreamhack!

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