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Nordic qualifiers to DreamHack Heroes of Newerth Championship

DreamHack is proud to announce the Nordic Qualifiers to DreamHack Heroes of Newerth Championship at DreamHack Winter 2013 28-30 november with $30,000 in the prize pool. Sign-up today and your team will get the chance on a slot in the main tournament!

It’s time to determine the next three Heroes of Newerth teams that will participate in the DreamHack Heroes of Newerth Championship at DreamHack Winter 2013.

DreamHack will host one open qualifier online for Nordic teams only where the top 3 teams get a invitation to main tournament at DreamHack Winter 2013. The qualification includes free ticket to the event, but not travel or accommodation.

Nordic Online Qualifier

Description: DreamHack hosts one Nordic qualifier where top-3 advance in each qualifier to DreamHack Winter 2013.
Ro64 – 18:00
Ro32 – 19:30
Ro16 – 21:00
Ro8 – 22:30
Semifinals – 18:00
3rd place – 21:00
Tournament format: Single elimination bracket BO1, Semifinals BO3, 3rd place match BO3
Max no. of teams: 64 teams
Rules: Captain’s Pick, Forests of Caldavar, At least 3 out of 5 players have to be from the Nordic region.
Registration opens: 5th of November
Registration closed: 16th of November
Registration here: Registration here

You can find more information about the Main tournament below.

Main tournament

Tournament: DreamHack Heroes of Newerth Championship
Location: DreamHack Winter 2013, Hall B, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Dates: 28-30 November
No of teams: 10
Platform: PC, Tournament PC’s
Controllers: Please bring your own mouse, keyboard & headset
Format: 5on5, BO1 Group Stage (2 x 5 teams), Top-3 advance (1st get direct-seed into Semifinals), BO3 Single Elimination Playoffs
1. Stay Green (Reigning DreamHack Champions)
2. Lions eSports Klubb (Qualifier EU/NA)
3. Internet Gangsters (Qualifier EU/NA)
4. Too Much Sugar (Qualifier EU/NA)
5. TBA – Qualifier South East Asia (Garena)
6. TBA – Qualifier Sweden/Nordic
7. TBA – Qualifier Sweden/Nordic
8. TBA – Qualifier Sweden/Nordic
9. TBA – BYOC-qualifier
10. TBA – BYOC-qualifier
Prize pool:
In total: 195 000 SEK, equals $30,000
1. 70 000 SEK
2. 35 000 SEK
3. 25 000 SEK
4. 25 000 SEK
5. 20 000 SEK
6. 20 000 SEK

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