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BreakyCPK and Beef to cast HoN at DHW13

DreamHack Winter 2013 will be filled with amazing Heroes of Newerth action as we host the DreamHack Heroes of Newerth Championship. Today we’re proud to announce that BreakyCPK and Beef will be your hosts and casters during DreamHack Winter 2013, November 28-30.

In the tournament with $30,000 in prizes 10 of world’s best teams will fight to become the next DreamHack Champion. The Champions will be crowned on-stage infront of thousand fans in DreamArena Extreme on Saturday evening, 28th of November.

But already in the groupstage, DreamHack will produce a livestream on-site, featuring BreakyCPK and Beef as your casters. Nick is returning to DreamHack for his 6th time as one of our lead casters in Heroes of Newerth at DreamHack, and Beef will make his DreamHack debut this upcoming event. All highlighted DreamHack matches will be broadcasted at Twitch.TV in 720p. More information regarding schedule and broadcast hours soon.


Nick ‘BreakyCPK’ Caras - Twitter: @breakycpk

Kyle ‘Beef’ Bautista – Twitter: @coL_Beef

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