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Building a network device test lab from scratch and on the cheap isn’t necessarily a smart move. There are lots of moving parts to consider, choices to be made – and oh, the risk that you will, after a lot of hard work, end up with a steaming pile of poo because of the one little detail you overlooked that turned out to be crucial. What could possibly go wrong?

Your Halloween party turned out to be a total blast: the spider web, the fake blood, the disco, the DJ, the awesome jacuzzi in the grand marble bathroom, the costumes, the booze – and best of all, the venue was a hotel suite, just so you wouldn’t have to deal with the total mess afterwards. Now if only the blood stains on the bathroom walls would pretty, pretty please go away when you try to rub them out..

You’re in one of those rare moments of Proper Flow and the code is practically writing itself when the doorbell rings, snapping you back to reality. Standing there is a middle aged man, offering a look of contempt over the fact that you are standing in his way. “I have a four o’ clock appointment” he says, trying to shove past you into the dentist’s office. Except this isn’t the dentist, and this is the sixth guy today thinking it is. How the hell does one maintain the flow under these conditions?

The tricky problems in life, be it ones you choose for yourself or ones that jump out and try to eat your face, are the ones where you’ll want to toss the rulebook out the window and stop listening to common sense. They’re the ones that can’t be Googled – and frankly, the ones that tend to be interesting.

This talk is about those problems.

When: Saturday 30th of November at 12:00 – 12:45 CET
Where: DreamArena Orange, DreamExpo

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