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Quake Live: DreamArena Campgrounds, Casters and Spectator Info

DreamHack is proud to present the broadcasting details and casters for DreamHack Winter 2013. In partnership with FACEIT we’re also proud to introduce DreamArena Campgrounds, where 300 fans can watch the matches live on-site.

DreamHack Quake Live Championship at DreamHack Winter 2013, 28-30 November, will be one of the best Quake tournaments ever. The line-up is completely stacked with alot of old school stars coming back including Rapha, Cypher, Cooller, Toxic and many more.

Introducing DreamArena Campgrounds

In the auditorium (Rydbergsalen) next to DreamArena Extreme, we’ll build DreamArena Campgrounds – a dedicated arena with seating capacity of 300 people. In the arena you will be able to see matches on-stage with professional production and casters, but also get some interviews with your fan favorites.

DreamArena Campgrounds (Rydbergssalen, 300 seats)

DreamHack will have two dedicated casters for this, but we’ll also let alot of guest commentators and players to join in during the 3 days. It’s gonna be loads of great guests throughout the arena.

Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia
Xavier ‘zoot’ Dhorne.

We hope that all Quake and FPS lovers will come to DreamHack to experience the best of the best competitive play in the dedicated DreamArena Campgrounds.

How do I watch online?

All highlighted group stage matches and important Playoff matches will be broadcasted at Twitch.TV in 720p. All matches will be found at http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackql

How do I watch on-site?

Highlighted matches and all the important Playoffs matches will be broadcasted from DreamArena Campgrounds. Everyone with a valid ticket to DreamHack can get a seat in the arena on first come, first serve-basis.

Buy your Day pass (120 SEK online, 150 SEK at the door) or your 3-day pass 550 SEK including Sleeping Hall here: http://bokning.dreamhack.se/

Attending Players

Find the full list over at Esreality.com

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