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Altégo had his first official club gig at Sensation White Pre- Party in Oslo early 2011. The gig whetted his appetite and gave birth to a hungry DJ who delivers gig after gig with both heart and soul! During 2011 , a very stimulating year for him , Altégo went from being a bedroom DJ to delivering in several clubs and events around both Norway and Sweden , and in 2012 as he also delivered in Greece and Croatia!

Through his dedicated love for music and above all, his audience, he does his utmost to make the atmosphere on the dance floor at its peak by both giving of himself and spread the joy and energy through music. He really loves what he does and he is the only DJ in the world who has dislocated his shoulder by frantic waving during a gig, pulled it back and continued to deliver like nothing had happened! So with a wide repertoire of his own songs together with live mashups and bootlegs and his unique way to mesmerize his dance floor, we can promise an extraordinary experience!
Warmup for: Scooter, DJ Broiler, Italobrothers, Da Buzz, Rebecca & Fiona, etc.

Altégo will play live at DreamHack Main Stage in Hall D on Sat 30 Nov from midnight



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