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Our business philosophy is really quite simple. Whether it is computer accessories or gaming gear, our job is to put world class products on the Nordic market. When it comes to gaming, Xtrfy is a new brand with years of experience. We have been working closely with gamers for the last 10 years, and we know the requests of the gaming community. Influenced by the great gaming culture and gaming gear in South Korea , Xtrfy stands for cutting edge products specifically designed for Nordic players.

At Xtrfy, we are passionate about eSports and we want to see it grow. To bring eSports forward, we believe in supporting the community as a whole and not just the players at the very top. Many teams have the potential to go far, but lack the resources needed to get out and play. We sponsor up-and-coming teams and give them a chance to reach the next level. All for the progress of eSports in general and Nordic gaming in particular.

Come to Xtrfy booth in Hall B, B00:05 close to the escalators that goes down to hall D and try out our new keyboards.

If you “like” Xtrfy on Facebook and Subscribe to us on YouTube. You can come to our booth and show your “like” and “subscribe” Then you will get an Xtrfy mousepad from us for free at DreamHack, we have many mousepads but this is only valid until our stock is emptied. You can also visit us in Dreamstore to see our great offers on our new products!

First up are the keyboards XG1-R and XG1-R LED – both with a wide range of features for faster and more forceful gaming. The keyboards are mechanical, and equipped with Red Cherry MX switches and a Real 1000 Hz polling rate. They also feature unlimited anti-ghosting, which means that you never have to worry about pressing to many keys at the same time.

Another advantage is that the keyboards are run entirely by hardware. They work independently with no need for software installation. That means better compatibility. And that all your settings and advanced macros – where long sequences of commands are bound to single keys – are stored directly in the keyboard’s memory. Simply plug it into any computer, and the keyboard’s configuration is completely the same as when you last used it.

The flagship model XG1-R LED also features LED effects, designed to improve both your performance and gaming experience. For example, you can choose specifically which keys to light up and disable all keys that are not lit, allowing you to focus entirely on your game controls. There are also several LED modes that create light effects on the keys as you press them. And an Equalizer mode, using a built-in mic to have the keys light up in sync with the sound effects or your music.

For Xtrfy, the launch of the XG1-R and the XG1-R LED is only the beginning. More products will be unveiled in the near future.

For more information please visit: www.xtrfy.com

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