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Robes are not required (but are welcomed) for a presentation of Magicka: Wizard Wars™, the upcoming PvP entry in the famed Magicka™ franchise from Paradox Interactive. Developed by the newly formed Paradox North studio, Magicka: Wizard Wars™ is currently in Alpha testing via Steam Early Access, and 9,000 access keys will be distributed to attendees, as if by magic.

David Nisshagen and John Hargelid, Lead Designer and Studio Manager of Paradox North, respectively, will be presenting Magicka: Wizard Wars™ on the main DreamHack stage on November 30th, 14.30-15.00 CET, alongside War of the Vikings. Watch the team describe the chaos of adapting the unique and baffling universe of Magicka™ to an online PvP title, and learn a thing or two about robe design.

Join the Alpha battle today on Steam!

All LAN DreamHack attendees now have the opportunity to partake in the Alpha for Magicka: Wizard Wars™, the upcoming spellcasting action PvP game. Before you leap into the chaotic combat, here’s a few things you need to know: This is an Alpha version of the game, so please bear in mind there may be missing features, bugs, crashes, imps with toxic breath, wizard-hating trees, etc. We ask that you not judge the final game until it’s, you know, final.

The Magical Ritual for getting the pre-alpha:
- Log in to your account on bokning.dreamhack.se
- Click “My value codes and seats”
- Copy the key
- Open Steam
- Click on “Add game (Bottom left corner)
- Choose “Activate a Product on Steam”
- Input key
- Enjoy Magicka: Wizard Wars™ Pre Alpha

This Alpha is not under any NDA, so feel free to boast about how special you are, and how many meteor showers you’ve called down from the heavens! Steam Early Access keys will also be handed out on location during DreamHack Winter 2013

While you wait for the game to download, why not watch our action packed trailer, or go admire our new webpage wizardwars.com

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