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IRC From the Other Sides

Ever since the late 1980ies, IRC have been a popular way of communication for gamers, programmers, networkers and other tech. minded teenagers and adults alike. But what have happened to this once so great beast? And much more importantly, does IRC have a place on the internet during this era where everything must be available using a web browser.

Markus and Alex will take you on a tour through the history of IRC and will go in depth with some of the reasons why IRC have ended where it is today and where we hope to see IRC go in the nearest future.

We do not expect you to have any prior knowledge of IRC to participate in this lecture.

About the Speakers

Markus “suom1″ Viitamäki

Markus have been an avid IRC user since around 02-03 and was at first introduced to IRCnet and then later moved on to Quakenet for gaming. Nowdays hosting IRC servers on most of the big networks.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/suom1

Alexander “ahf” Færøy

Alex was drawn by the simplicity of IRC and the technical know-how available from IRC channels many years ago. Alex is involved as a core team member of the Irssi IRC client and is actively involved in the operations of servers on multiple larger networks.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ahfaeroey

When: Saturday 30th of November at 15:00 – 15:45 CET
Where: DreamArena Orange, DreamExpo

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