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League of Legends Championship: Casters & Schedule

DreamHack League of Legends Championship powered by Plantronics with $30,000 in prizes will one of the most epic tournaments at DreamHack Winter 2013 28-30 November. Today we’re announcing the official casters, the schedule and rules.

Today we’re thrilled to announce the people that will cover the DreamHack League of Legends Championship for your entertainment. DreamHack is excited to welcome Panky & Seltzer back to DreamHack but also to welcome a new caster – Vince ‘Metuz’ Hill.

Hosts & Casters:
Vince ‘Metuz’ Hill – @MetuzTV
Christopher ‘Panky’ Pankhurst – @LoLPanky‎
Rachel ‘Seltzer’ Quirico – @Seltzer_FD

At the Winter event DreamHack will host the League of Legends Championship inside the mighty DreamArena Extreme in front of 1,100 fans following the matches on-stage. At the stage you’ll be able to watch the best League of Legends matches during 3 days of action with some of world’s best casters and with full media production. All matches in the DreamHack tournament will be livestreamed in 720p for free at www.twitch.tv/dreamhacklol powered by Twitch.TV.

Find the full schedule of the tournament in the info below.

League of Legends in DreamArena Extreme (Photo: Carl Oscar Aaro)

Main tournament (28-30 November)

Tournament: DreamHack League of Legends Championship
Location: DreamHack Winter 2013, DreamArena Extreme, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
No of teams: 8
Tournament format: Group stage 4 teams in 2 groups BO1. Top-2 advance. Single elimination BO3 playoffs.
Platform: PC
Rules: TBA
Prize purse: 195 000 SEK ($30,000)
1. 70 000 SEK
2. 35 000 SEK
3. 25 000 SEK
4. 25 000 SEK
5. 10 000 SEK
6. 10 000 SEK
7. 10 000 SEK
8. 10 000 SEK
Team list:
1. Copenhagen Wolves (Invited, DreamHack Summer Champions)
2. H2K-Gaming (Invited, DreamHack Bucharest Champions)
3. SK-Gaming (Qualified online, Europe West)
4. Ninjas in Pyjamas (Qualified online, Europe West)
5. Storm Games Clan (Qualified online, Europe East)
6. Ultra Vires (Qualified online, Europe East)
7. TBA (BYOC Qualifier) – [Registration here]
8. TBA (BYOC Qualifier) – [Registration here]
Thursday 28th of November
13.30 Group A: Team #1 vs Team #2
15:00 Group A: Team #1 vs Team #3
16:30 Group A: Team #2 vs Team #3
18:00 Group B: Team #1 vs Team #2
19:30 Group B: Team #1 vs Team #3
21:00 Group B: Team #2 vs Team #3

Friday 29th of November
11:00 Group A: Team #1 vs Team #4, Group B: Team #1 vs Team #4
12:30 Group A: Team #2 vs Team #4, Group B: Team #2 vs Team #4
14:00 Group A: Team #3 vs Team #4, Group B: Team #3 vs Team #4
16.00 Semifinal #1 (BO3)
19.00 Semifinal #2 (BO3)

Saturday 30th of November
12.00 Grand Final (BO3)

BYOC-Qualifier (28 November)

Description: DreamHack host one open BYOC-qualifier on the first day of DreamHack Summer 2013. Top-2 teams advance to the Main tournament.
Tournament format: Single elimination bracket BO1
Max no. of teams: 64
Registration opens: 14th of November
Registration closed: 28th of November 14.00 (All teams need to confirm their participation in Game Crew / Game info desk)
Registration here: [Registration here]
Rules: Rules (.pdf)
Tickets / Competitor fee: All competitors need to have the Computer seat BYOC ticket (from 929 SEK) to be able to participate in tournaments. Buy tickets at bokning.dreamhack.se.
Schedule: Thursday 28th of November
14.00 Registration closed
16.30 BYOC Tournament start

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