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Lecture: The DreamHack Network

Don’t miss this epic info session about the DreamHack network at DreamArena Orange. This is a lecture open for everybody about the huge network at Dreamhack, and how a team of 30 dedicated network experts gather at Elmia twice a year to build World’s largest computer festival.

Rok ‘lurg’ Podgrajsek, Team Leader of “dhtech”, will present challenges that have been faced, solved and those that lay ahead. Markus ‘soundgoof’ Häll, Group Leader for the Services part of “dhtech”, will then dive deep into the magic of automation, deployment and how all network related services are provided.

What kind of equipment and technologies are used? How is configuration done?
It’s hard to imagine that a Local Area Network can be just as big as a small town in Sweden. The Dreamhack Network brings BYOD to a new meaning! The fact that over 13 000 unique devices connect to Dreamhack Network wired and wireless is amazing and growing for each event. With dhw13 ahead “dhtech” are rushing towards the new challenges that wait.

Lecture #1: DreamArena Orange
Day: Friday 29th of November
Time: 13:00 – 13:45

Lecture #2: DreamArena Orange
Day: Friday 29th of November
Time: 16:00 – 16:45

Photo: Carl Oscar Aaro

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