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Destiny’s Fallen Captain visits Dreamhack Winter 2013

2014 will leave an epic mark in the world of gaming when Destiny opens its world for gamers worldwide. World leading developer studio Bungie has led the development of this brand new franchise, set in a world 600 years into the future where mankind is on the brink of extinction. This is the first-ever Shared World Shooter where you as the hero will face a vast set of new enemies.

Amongst them is the race of The Fallen, colloquially known as Spider Pirates, a nomadic race of four-armed bipedal humanoids located on Earth and the Moon.

The Destiny booth at Dreamhack will feature the unique, life-sized statue of The Fallen Captain, commander of this notorious race. Visitors will have the opportunity to have a photo taken together with The Fallen Captain, and doing so will make them eligible for a unique Destiny collector’s card.

Visitors can also pre-order Destiny right in the booth or close by at Webhallen. Anyone who pre-orders Destiny are automatically included in the Destiny Beta, set to open during the first half of 2014.

See you there!

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