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“CardCraft” – Hearthstone’s Creative Contest

CardCraft is a fun and entertaining card creation competition where participants will be asked to create and design new cards for Hearthstone. If you choose to participate you will have a 100% chance to experience a ton of fun and a somewhat smaller chance to grab some goodies!

Quick guide: how to participate?

• Use http://achievementgen.com/hearthstone/ to create your card, and any Warcraft related artwork from our websites.
• Send your creations to fanart-contest-eu@blizzard.com.
o The email should include: your email address, first and last name, card images, contest category for each card, and your seat number at DreamHack.
• Deadlines for the submission of each category:

o Nov 29, 10:00
• Funniest

o Nov 29, 18:00
• Best Overall Design
• Meme + WoW mash-up

o Nov 30, 10:00
• Original Drawing

• Each individual is entitled to submit up to 1 card per category.
• All entries should be original and should respect Blizzard’s code of conduct. Entries that fail to do so will be disqualified from the rating phase.


o 1st Place: Collector’s Edition box + T-shirt. 2nd and 3rd: Mega Bloks set or a plush or The Sunwell Trilogy + T-shirt. 4-10th: 3D magnet + badge set + bouncing ball + lanyard. In the case of unavailability of any prize, Blizzard reserves the right to substitute for a prize of equal or greater value. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

More Information

o To create your card you can use the following (blank) card template as an alternative to the website.
o Any entries that consist of made-up cards created by someone else other than the contest participant will be automatically disqualified as will all the other entries from the same participant.
o If there aren’t enough eligible or if the quality of the cards doesn’t meet a minimum standard for each of the categories during the rating phase, we reserve the right to remove some of the categories.

Selection process
o Entries will be pre-selected by Blizzard and the best ones from each category will be posted on HearthStone’s Facebook Channel opening up the selection process to the public (likes).
o The top three cards with the most likes from each FaceBook album (category) will be picked as the main winners for the competition.
o We reserve the right to break any ties on the final voting count and manually pick the winners based on our own judgement. We also reserve the right to disqualify any entry at any time.

o You may use any artwork provided by Blizzard on its websites and galleries in order to create your card. You may also create an original artwork for your submission. You acknowledge and agree that you will only use artwork provided by Blizzard or created by You, and that you shall not use any third-party artwork nor infringe any other individual’s artwork.
o You acknowledge and agree that Blizzard may already be working on new game cards, mechanisms and ideas. Any new game mechanisms or ideas submitted by You will not grant You any right or title should Blizzard use the same or equivalent mechanisms or ideas in the future.

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