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League of Legends: Groups & Schedule

Here’s a final update about the DreamHack League of Legends Championship before we go live tomorrow, Thursday 28th of November 13.30 CET. Here are the official groups and matches tomorrow.

DreamHack League of Legends Championship with $30,000 in the prize pool is starting tomorrow, live from DreamArena Extreme at DreamHack Winter 2013. The winners will become the next DreamHack Champion and win 70 000 SEK infront of 1,100 fans in DreamArena.

Late cancellations – Property, Tricked and LowLandLions join main tournament

Due to late cancellations from teams like Copenhagen Wolves, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Ultra Vires – we have replaced them with Team Property, Tricked eSport and LowLandLions. The teams were selected with a small private qualifier with only invited teams that was played out yesterday.

Thursday’s schedule postponed by one hour

The tournament schedule for Thursday, 28th of November, has been postponed by one hour. The tournament will start 14:30 instead of 13:30 and the last mach is supposed start 22:00.


Group 1:
Team Property
Tricked eSport
TBA (BYOC Qualifier) – [Registration here]

Group 2:
Storm Games Clan
TBA (BYOC Qualifier) – [Registration here]

You can still register to the BYOC-tournament!

Your team can still be one of the teams in the DreamHack League of Legends Championship Main tournament. In the BYOC-qualfier two teams will qualify and also be part of the prize money distribution. Sign-up today, and make sure you confirm your participation at the Game Registration Desk at Game Crew.

Find all information below.

Main tournament (28-30 November)

Tournament: DreamHack League of Legends Championship
Location: DreamHack Winter 2013, DreamArena Extreme, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
No of teams: 8
Tournament format: Group stage 4 teams in 2 groups BO1. Top-2 advance. Single elimination BO3 playoffs.
Platform: PC
Rules: TBA
Prize purse: 195 000 SEK ($30,000)
1. 70 000 SEK
2. 35 000 SEK
3. 25 000 SEK
4. 25 000 SEK
5. 10 000 SEK
6. 10 000 SEK
7. 10 000 SEK
8. 10 000 SEK
Team list:
1. Team Property
2. KMT
3. SK-Gaming
4. Tricked eSport
5. Storm Games Clan
6. LowLandLions
7. TBA (BYOC Qualifier) – [Registration here]
8. TBA (BYOC Qualifier) – [Registration here]
Thursday 28th of November
14.30 Group A: KMT vs Team Property
16:00 Group A: KMT vs Tricked eSport
17:30 Group A: Team Property vs Tricked eSport
19:00 Group B: LowLandLions vs SK-Gaming
20:30 Group B: LowLandLions vs Storm Games Clan
22:00 Group B: SK-Gaming vs Storm Games Clan

Friday 29th of November
11:00 Group A: KMT vs Team #4, Group B: LowLandLions vs Team #4
12:30 Group A: Team Property vs Team #4, Group B: SK-Gaming vs Team #4
14:00 Group A: Tricked eSport vs Team #4, Group B: Storm Games Clan vs Team #4
16.00 Semifinal #1 (BO3)
19.00 Semifinal #2 (BO3)

Saturday 30th of November
12.00 Grand Final (BO3)

BYOC-Qualifier (28 November)

Description: DreamHack host one open BYOC-qualifier on the first day of DreamHack Summer 2013. Top-2 teams advance to the Main tournament.
Tournament format: Single elimination bracket BO1
Max no. of teams: 64
Registration opens: 14th of November
Registration closed: 28th of November 14.00 (All teams need to confirm their participation in Game Crew / Game info desk)
Registration here: [Registration here]
Rules: Rules (.pdf)
Tickets / Competitor fee: All competitors need to have the Computer seat BYOC ticket (from 929 SEK) to be able to participate in tournaments. Buy tickets at bokning.dreamhack.se.
Schedule: Thursday 28th of November
14.00 Registration closed
16.30 BYOC Tournament start

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