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DreamArena Orange – Many great talks, check them out!

Greetings Gamers! While participating at DreamHack, do not forget to check out DreamArena Orange in  DreamExpo (B-hall). We have a fresh lineup of talks with everything from Deployment, How to: Crew and Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences.

Thursday 28 November

17:00 – This is DHGame

A talk about the DHGame, what it is and how to participate.

18:00 – Battlefield 4

Daniel Matros from DICE, one of the producers behind Battlefield 4, talks about Battlefield 4 and E-Sports.

19:00 – Dreamhack crew-presentation

A presentation about what happends behind the scenes of the worlds largest computer festival, what teams are there and why they

20:00 – Demo: Telia Digital-TV

Friday 29 November

12:00 – Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Brendan O’Brien Director Global Product Marketing at Cisco will present Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) capabilities and how it’s being used to deliver innovative new opportunities and business models to different industries leveraging their existing WiFi infrastructure.

13:00 – DreamHack Network

Don’t miss this epic info session about the DreamHack network at DreamArena Orange. This is a lecture open for everybody about the huge network at Dreamhack, and how a team of 30 dedicated network experts gather at Elmia twice a year to build World’s largest computer festival.

14:00 – Coffee Stain Studios

Armin Ibrisagic, Game Designer at Coffee Stain Studios will be talking about how to make it in the game industry, and how to get started in games development.

16:00 – DreamHack Network

Another epic info session about the DreamHack network.

17:00 – Setting up Windows 7 and Windows 8 .1 using nothing but free deployment tools

As a hardcore gamer, geek and/or IT Pro you will eventually be assigned the task of setting up new computers. In this session you learn how you can build a complete deployment solution in just 45 minutes. Allowing you to deploy Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 from a USB stick, or over the network (PXE).

18:00 – How to start and organize a professional E-Sport team

Meet Aron Larsson, founder of Team Property BB2 – one of Swedens premier e-sport teams. Aron has written a book on how to successfully form and manage an e-sport team.

20:00 – Demo: Telia Digital-TV

Saturday 30 November

12:00 – Solving tricky (Procera)

The tricky problems in life, be it ones you choose for yourself or ones that jump out and try to eat your face, are the ones where you’ll want to toss the rulebook out the window and stop listening to common sense. They’re the ones that can’t be Googled – and frankly, the ones that tend to be interesting. his talk is about those problems.

13:00 – GeekQuiz

Demonstrate your awesome skills and compete with the people at DreamHack in an epic showdown of trivia questions. The loot for the winner? A Mac Book Air 13”.

15:00 – The story about IRC and Irssi

Markus and Alex will take you on a tour through the history of IRC and will go in depth with some of the reasons why IRC have ended where it is today and where we hope to see IRC go in the nearest future.

16:00 – Everyone is a game developer

HTML5 changes the scene for game development. The platform carries many promises, and companies like Couch+ and Goo Technologies are pushing the limits for how people are perceiving the traditional web browser. Let us show you the future of gaming and how easy it is to get started making games with the new technology.

20:00 – Demo: Telia Digital-TV

Photo: Frederike “Cridili” Schmitt
Text: Johan “jawwen” Arwidmark

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