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Raising the bar on DreamHack dedication

It’s the night before the opening of DreamHack Winter 2013 and outside Elmia it is completely empty. Except for one tent, right in front of the entrance, where four young men have been camping for soon to be 11 days. This not only guarantees them to be the first in at DreamHack when it opens, but will also grant them the prestige of VIP seats in the D-hall and other prizes.

To the left we see Corbin ¨Rejpaz¨ Andersson who was excited to watch the League of Legends games in DreamArena Extreme and states that he will be going all out this year. Next to him we see Pontus ¨Madskipper¨ Wallin, and he is looking forward to Dota 2 where he is anticipating an Alliance versus Na’vi rematch in the finals. This is also extra special for him since this is his first DreamHack event. Arasto ¨Arasto¨ Sahbaei can be found in the far right where he is looking at their widescreen monitor. He is hoping to see some great Call of Duty games and says that he will make sure to get enough sleep this time.

Outside the tent we found some visitors that were cheering on the guys inside. They are also coming to DreamHack but will be standing in the line tomorrow instead.

Photo: Rikard ¨Fearium¨ Söderberg
Text: Alexander ¨Zeweig¨ Lind

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