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News > DHW13 > Welcome to DreamHack Winter 2013!

The doors are open – Welcome to DreamHack Winter 2013!

Yes, we are open for business!

At 8:00 this morning the DreamHack doors opened and the first attendees made their way through registration, eager to find their reserved seat. We had the chance to stop and chat with a few attendees, asking them about their expectations for the festival.

This fellow is named Claes Emilsson, using a mask from the Rubert character. He arrived from Hjo (not too far really) and is looking forward to spend time with friends and play some CS:GO and WC3 as well.

Here is another happy guy! Tintin, 17 (soon 18), is bringing his green costume and of course – his Teemo hat for the matching set! He came here with his friends for his 4th DreamHack to play in the D-hall and watch the huge Opening Ceremony.

Photo: Adela “Mawrr” Sznajder
Text: Alexander “Zeweig” Lind and Johan “jawwen” Arwidmark

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