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Get exclusive in-game items at the Secret Shop!

For you who don’t play DOTA 2, the Secret Shop is a unique shop where you can buy special and very strong items. Now it has come to DreamHack for the first time ever outside Bucharest – the store where you can buy DOTA 2, CS:GO and TF 2 merchandise like t-shirts, hats, caps and special boxes that contains in-game items!

It is very simple – if you buy a DOTA 2 t-shirt with a hero on it, you will get a specific in-game item for that hero that is not buyable elsewhere. If you buy the brewmaster shirt, you will get a ”lockless luckbox” with it, containing random unique in-game items with varying rarity.

You can also buy the only-for-DHW13 CS:GO shirts that has the official logos of DreamHack Winter 2013, CS:GO and of course VALVE! Show how awesome you were to come to the biggest LAN in the world and get the shirts you will never to be able to get again!

Buy the ”blind box” to get random unique items without buying the shirts. Don’t forget – these in-game items can not be bought anywhere else, are tradable on the marketplace and all the merchandise will be wearing the brand of VALVE! But hurry up, they are very popular!

”Worth its weight in bullets” – Sniper

Photo: Frederike “Wolf” Schmitt
Text: Alexander “Zeweig” Lind

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