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News > DHW13 > If I could win anything but Blizzcon, it would be DreamHack Winter

”If I could win anything but Blizzcon, it would be DreamHack Winter”

TLO is a 23 year old StarCraft 2 pro, playing for Team Liquid

In the halls of DreamHack we find an exhausted Dario ”TLO” Wünsch who just played 9 intense games against Hyun, Naniwa, Lucifron and Patience – some of the best players in the world. He was a bit sad over the fact that he finished 4th in his group with a score of 2-2 in sets (5-4 in games) and now will fall down to the losers brackets in the double elimination.

There was some concern for his wrists since they had been hurting a few days earlier, but Dario made sure that it was merely a temporary pain due to a lot of practice and long games, and assured us that he is in greater shape than ever!

Even though he will now have a harder time getting into the finals, he tells us that he will not let that move him too much. If he loses he will make sure not to get sad, but instead angry, to motivate himself to play even better. And the German player has absolutely not given up yet! We saw him beat both Lucifron and Patience, two great players, and playing some close games with Naniwa as well.

TLO is known for many things – his manners, his epic beard in Wings of Liberty and most of all his innovative playstyle that never sticks to the meta, but instead slips through the holes and makes for some entertaining games. During the last DreamHack here in Sweden he never managed to get to the end of the brackets, but he is confident this time, and maybe we will see another one of those famous baneling landmines at the ramps of Bel’Shir Vestige.

He thinks that he still has a lot to work on, like decision making, but that others should start doing a lot of the things he does as well as they only tax his actions per minute, and doesn’t really have any negative impact on his gameplay.

He says that DreamHack is his favourite event and to quote him: ”If I could win anything but Blizzcon, it would be DreamHack Winter”.

Come by the StarCraft Stage in the B-Hall and check him out in the lower brackets!

Photo: Helena Kristiansson, esportphoto.com and Frederike “Wolf” Schmitt
Text: Alexander ‘Zeweig’ Lind

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