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Know your caster: Nathanias

If you were here for DreamHack Summer 2013 you probably know about the StarCraft 2 caster Nathan ”Nathanias” Fabrikant. He was stand in for Artosis and did a phenomenal performance alongside Incontrol and Apollo, and is coming back once again for the biggest event in his career so far!

Amount of casting?

He did agree that in the end it is exhausting casting for these long periods of time since they are only three casters, but states that these live events are much easier to stay motivated in because of the energy, the live crowd and the environment are simply amazing.

How hard is it?

There has been a lot of talk on how hard it is to make it as a caster, and Nathan agrees with this. There is a huge amount of competition, especially in the North American scene right now, which is one of the reasons to why he often opts to cast European events. He does have a few tips to share with you up and coming casters – never give up, no matter on how bad things are going, be ready to put in tons of hours since casting is very difficult and with consistency and hard work, people will notice you.


Nathanias considers his biggest strength in casting is to be able to be coherent and very clear, even during the most intense stages of StarCraft, and feels that the audience always will be able to understand him, no matter how fast or loud he commentates.

What is the dream?

The dream in e-Sport would for Nathanias be to be able to cast events for a living, while also being able to maintain his personal stream where he can play and enjoy the game. Right now he is hoping that in the next expansion – ”Legacy of the Void”, he will be able to do just that.

Difference between DreamHack and StarCraft focused events?

Except for being his biggest event so far, DreamHack, in his opinion, stands out for not only being huge, but has a great build up of the player storyline and puts a lot of emphasis on who is actually playing right now. Nathan said: ”I mean, just StarCraft events are pretty fun, but the thing about DreamHack that seems so incredible is that everybody seems to come from different places.” and in his opinion it is really cool that you find all kinds of e-Sports people, with everything from First Person Shooter to Strategy as interests.

What is the ”dream final”?

Realistically he thinks that Taeja and Life or Taeja and SoS would make for great finals, but if he got to choose any player for his ”dream final”, then it would probably be ForGG versus Innovation or ForGG versus Life since ForGG is a player that Nathanias has been following for a long time, despite him not being the most successful in the tournament lineup.

Watch Nathanias cast today at the StarCraft 2 stage during the winners and losers brackets!

Photo: Helena Kristiansson, esportphoto.com, Carl Oscar “kalaspuff” Aaro, Frederike “Wolf” Schmitt
Text: Alexander “Zeweig” Lind

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