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Try exclusive Blizzard games at DreamExpo

In the DreamExpo you can find the Blizzard area where you will have the possibility to try the newest games that aren’t even released yet! Still missing that Hearthstone Beta Key? Here you can play Hearthstone and connect with the people around you, as well as Blizzard staff, to learn new techniques and strategies. Not a Trading Card Game fan? Then Blizzard also gives you the options of either the brand new beta of “Reaper of Souls” – the new expansion for Diablo, or “Warlords of Draenor” – the very sought after 5th expansion of World of Warcraft that is shown for one of the first times to the public and is open to play for anyone here at DreamHack

Connect with the Hearthstone community.

Or just enjoy the cosplay!

Photo: Frederike “Wolf” Schmitt
Text: Alexander “Zeweig” Lind

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