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Know your caster: iNcontroL

Geoff  ”iNcontroL” Robinson is a 28 year old professional caster and team captain for Evil Geniuses

The captain of the team, the bench pressing machine and the king of the North America scene – Geoff ”iNcontroL” Robinson is one of the most visible people in the e-sports scene right now. He casts all over Europe and North America, is a previous pro gamer and now the face of Evil Geniuses, helping out with videos, funny interviews and also as a manager and coach during live events when not casting.

What makes him unique?

iNcontroL thinks of himself as a funny and less serious caster. With the current casting lineup including him, Apollo and Nathanias, he feels very confident as he works very well with his co-casters.

Casting or Hosting?

Geoff states that he does prefer casting over hosting. Even though, in his opinion, hosting is very fun with all the entertainment it provides, casting let you be more emotional and also to use your knowledge, which is why Geoff prefers it.

Ever considered any other team or doing something else?

iNcontroL doesn’t hesitate to tell us that he never considered any other team than Evil Geniuses. He started as a player, but feels that being a professional player is a young man’s game since the game taxes your multitasking so much, as well as takes up a lot of time. He wants to be able to do more than just play, as he loves doing everything EG, including casting, playing, managing and even helping out with PR.

Opinion on the rumours on EG?

There are a lot of rumours right now about players that come to EG stop improving and that they get ridiculous amounts of money for just streaming, crippling their motivation for winning tournaments. Geoff doesn’t seem too worried about this and points out that EG has always been keen on paying the best players what they should earn and also expresses that Evil Geniuses has a ton of top tier players like Jaedong, so there is no ground for any rumours as such.

Does he like his role in EG as a captain?

Agreeing, Geoff tells us that he has always been a leader and that he wouldn’t really enjoy settling for being ”just” a player since he is good at his role as a team captain and is a natural leader. Of course he loves doing it as well!

How does he feel about being part of EG?

To say that iNcontroL loves EG is to say that a fish loves water. He basically lives and breathes Evil Geniuses, and it really shows when he talks about the team. The team is great in many eSports and the StarCraft division is absolutely fierce it has a very good team spirit and funny people as well. Something the Geoff loves a lot as well is that they have the Tyrant himself, Jaedong, in their team, which for our EG caster is a huge privilege. ”He was someone I was watching all the time when I was in college, and to now be on the same team is such a privilege”.

Who does he cheer for or think will win?

”Jaedong is a huge threat…” – iNcontroL does often put his cards on Jaedong, and who would blame him? He has been so consistent in his skill, getting better and better, and still has this amazing background in Brood War. Of course he will be cheering for the EG players (JYP and Jaedong) and NaNiwa since Alliance is very close to EG according to Geoff. He also feels that sOs will be a dangerous player in the brackets – he has been performing very well recently with taking the first place in the WCS Global Finals, and a second at Redbull Battlegrounds NYC. Geoff doesn’t think that people have had enough time to really study sOs and adapt to his style since those both events are both very recent.

Photo: Carl Oscar “kalaspuff” Aaro, Frederike “Wolf” Schmitt and Helena Kristiansson, esportphoto.com
Text: Alexander ‘Zeweig’ Lind
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