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News > DHW13 > QPAD TF2 MGE Scout Tournament

A Team Fortress 2 Pro Invite 1v1 tournament will be held by Esport United on Saturday, November 30th, 15.30 – 21.30 on Saturday. If you want to see some highly skilled TF2 players come by our booth next to the S2 Games and Blizzard areas in the Hall B.

What’s MGE?
MGE is short for “My Gaming Edge” and is a training mode used by many competitive Team Fortress 2 players. The mod focuses completely on the players’ ability to aim and abuse positional advantages. After each kill, both players receive full health and ammunition.

For this tournament, the participants are restricted to the scout class only to ensure an even playing field.

All competing players are from the all-Swedish ETF2L Division 1 team Publiclir.se

Ond Kaja

Will there be casters?
A round robin decides the seeding for the subsequent double elimination decider round. The spectacle is casted by the popular Team Fortress 2 podcasters of KritzKast

Special thanks to:
We want to give thanks you to Inet for assistance with computers, Benq for top of the line screens and Qpad for the amazing gaming accessories. They all made this event possible!

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