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FAN ZONE: Okageo and DefCon unlimited

Meet and greet the international, cosplay star and ambassador Okageo in the DreamHack Fan Zone in lobby syd. Okageo have been cosplaying since 2008. He has learned to work with several different materials and techniques that have helped him bring each character to life. Joining by Okageo’s side will DefCon unlimited is a group of amazing cosplayers and stuntmen from Germany. DefCon Unlimited is mainly for one thing; Insane stunt shows, they bring years of experience to stage full of passion.

Between 20:30 and 21:30 Fans, fellow cosplayers, curious visitors and others are all welcome to join the fan zone for photo’s, signs and meet-and greet.


Saturday 29 November 2014
17:00 – DreamHack Webhallen Cosplay Championship, Main Stage, Hall D
19:00 – DreamHack Webhallen Cosplay Championship, Price ceremony, Main Stage, Hall D
19:30 – Photo & Interviews with the DreamHack Webhallen Cosplay Champions, Webhallen Dreamstore
20:30 – Meet & greet: Okageo and DefCon unlimited, Fan Zone, Lobby syd

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