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16 of world’s best CS:GO teams travel to Jönköping, Sweden to play DreamHack CS:GO Championship at World’s largest computer festival DreamHack Winter 2014. Teams are fighting over $250,000 in prizes and to become the next DreamHack Champions in the last major CS:GO tournament of the year.


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Tournament details

Name: DreamHack CS:GO Championship
Location: DreamHack Winter 2014, Hall B, Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Sponsors: HyperX, Roccat & Bredbandsbolaget
Partners: Inferno Online, Nordic Choice & Björks Buss
No. of teams: 16
Tournament format: Group stage (4 groups with 4 teams) played in Dual Elimination style BO1. Top-2 advance. Single elimination Playoffs BO3.
Prize pool: $250,000
Prize distribution:
1. $100,000
2. $50,000
3-4. $22,000
5-8. $10,000
9-16. $2,000
Map pool: de_inferno, de_dust2, de_cache, de_nuke, de_mirage, de_cobblestone, de_overpass

CS:GO Groups & Schedule

Group A:
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
10:30 Warm-up
12:00 Group A1 – Fnatic vs. Bravado Gaming
13:00 Group A.2 – Cloud 9
 vs. HellRaisers
14:00 Group A.3 – Winner vs. Winner
15:00 Group A.4 – Loser vs. Loser
16:00 Group A.5 – A.3 Loser vs. A.4. Winner

Group B
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
10:30 Warm-up
12:00 Group B.1 – Team Dignitas vs. PENTA Sports
13:00 Group B.2 – iBUYPOWER vs. Copenhagen Wolves
14:00 Group B.3 – Winner vs. Winner
15:00 Group B.4 – Loser vs. Loser
16:00 Group B.5 – B.3 Loser vs. B.4. Winner

Group C
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
17.00 Warm-up
18:30 Group C.1 – LDLC vs. ESC Gaming
19:30 Group C.2 – NiP-Gaming vs. Planetkey Dynamics
20:30 Group C.3 – Winner vs. Winner
21:30 Group C.4 – Loser vs. Loser
22:30 Group C.5 – C.3 Loser vs. C.4. Winner

Group D
Thursday, 27th of November 2014
17.00 Warm-up
18:30 Group D.1 – Virtus.Pro vs. myXMG
19:30 Group D.2 – Na’Vi vs. Flipsid3
20:30 Group D.3 – Winner vs. Winner
21:30 Group D.4 – Loser vs. Loser
22:30 Group D.5 – D.3 Loser vs. D.4. Winner

Friday, 28th of November 2014
10.00 Round of 8 – Match #1 (BO3)
13.30 Round of 8 – Match #2 (BO3)
17.00 Round of 8 – Match #3 (BO3)
20.30 Round of 8 – Match #4 (BO3)

Saturday, 29th of November 2014
13.00 Semifinal #1 (BO3)
16.30 Semifinal #2 (BO3)
21.00 Grand Final (BO3)

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About Bredbandsbolaget

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