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DreamHack Hearthstone Championship

32 of the world’s best Hearthstone players will travel to Jönköping, Sweden to compete at the DreamHack Hearthstone Championship powered by Razer and ASUS, November 27-29th to compete over $25,000 and determine who will be the next DreamHack Champion!

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DreamHack Hearthstone Championship Announced!


Group A
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 27th
Archon Firebat vs. Razor’s Edge Marzito
Darkwonyx vs. Dignitas Greensheep
ROOT Xixo vs. IHearthU Powder
Cloud9 StrifeCro vs. Archon Hosty

Group B
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 27th
Cloud9 Kolento vs. eEriness Esosek
Cloud9 Ek0p vs. Punchline Maverick
Archon Amaz vs. IHearthU Faramir
MYM Rdu vs. Forsen

Group C
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 28th
Team Liquid Savjz vs. Punchline Origin
mYinsanity Mirrrari vs. Lucky Draw Lifecoach
Neirea vs. compLexity Dog
Cloud9 TidesofTime vs. Tempo Storm Reynad

Group D
Matches start 14:30 CEST November 28th
Tempo Storm Gaara vs. Cipher
SK Gaming Numberguy vs. Samsung Gaming Thalai
Tempo Storm Hyped vs. Fnatic Kaldi
MYM ThijsNL vs. PlanetKey Lothar

The order of the matches listed represent how the bracket will be played out.

Competitor List

1. Samsung Gaming Thalai
2. Tempo Storm Gaara
3. Cloud9 TidesofTime
4. MYM Rdu
5. Archon Amaz
6. Cloud9 Ek0p
7. Cloud9 StrifeCro
8. Team Liquid Savjz
9. Cloud9 Kolento
10. ROOT Xixo
11. Tempo Storm Reynad
12. Tempo Storm Hyped
13. PlanetKey Lothar
14. IHearthU Powder
15. Lucky Draw Lifecoach
16. MYM ThjsNL
17. Forsen
18. Fnatic Kaldi
19. Archon Hosty
20. Archon Firebat
21. SK Gaming Numberguy
22. Dignitas Greensheep
23. Darkwonyx
24. Mirrrari
25. Punchline Origin
26. eEriness Esosek
27. Neirea
28. Razor’s Edge Marzito
29. Punchline Maverick
30. compLexity Dog
31. Cipher
32. IHearthU Faramir


All the best games will be streamed live on Viagame, so make sure to tune into during the event to catch all the action! As well mobile apps are available on Android and iOS for watching on the go!

Broadcast Talent

Dan “Frodan” Chou
Nathan “ThatsAdmirable” Zamora
Marcin “Gnimsh” Filipowicz

Livestream Schedule

All times CET
November 27th – Group A/B
14:15 – Preshow
14:30 – WBR1
16:00 – WBR2/LBR1
17:30 – WB Final – Group A
19:00 – WB Final – Group B
20:30 – LB Final – Group A
22:00 – LB Final – Group B

November 28th – Group C/D
14:15 – Preshow
14:30 – WBR1
16:00 – WBR2/LBR1
17:30 – WB Final – Group C
19:00 – WB Final – Group D
20:30 – LB Final – Group C
22:00 – LB Final – Group D

November 29th – Top 8 Playoffs
12:45 – Preshow
13:00 – RO8 – Match 1
14:30 – RO8 – Match 2
16:00 – RO8 – Match 3
17:30 – RO8 – Match 4
19:00 – Semi finals – Match 1
20:45 – Semi finals – Match 2
22:30 – Grand Final
(All matches BO5, semi finals and finals BO7)


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