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ASUS ROG Play It Cool Schedule, Rules and Contests!

In just a couple of days the ASUS ROG Play It Cool 24 hour Hearthstone stream marathon will begin! Forsen, Savjz, Reynad and Firebat will all be streaming live for 24 hours, with all the action being streamed on http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhackhs! After a gruelling 24 hours one winner will be crowned, and earn themselves the title of ASUS ROG Play It Cool champion and $5,000! Today we’re happy to release the schedule, ruleset for the streaming competition, and of course some fun contests for viewers to win some awesome ASUS ROG gear!


October 17th – 17:30 CEST – Livestream begins, pre-show and class selection
October 17th – 18:00 CEST – Marathon begins
October 18th – 18:00 CEST – Marathon ends


Over the course of the marathon, the grand prize which viewers will have a chance to win is the brand new ASUS ROG G752 Gaming Laptop. Throughout the marathon we will be running a crossword puzzle where hints will be periodically revealed, and as viewers solve the puzzle and email their solved puzzle to hearthstone@dreamhack.se, they will be entered to win! Alongside this there will be other ASUS ROG goodies to be won, so be sure to tune into the live stream to catch all the details!

To enter the main contest to win the G752 Gaming Laptop, follow the live stream to see a series of clues revealed live! Catch all the clues or as many as you need to solve the phrase that is vertical in the centre of the puzzle! Email in your answer to hearthstone@dreamhack.se as soon as you have enough details to figure out the final phrase for your chance to win! Winner will be randomly selected and notified via email after the marathon ends!

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Class Selection
All players will end up with 2 classes they can play.
They will need to spend hours 0-12 with one class and 13-24 with the other class

Drafting/Class Selection Process
First ban/pick phase:
All players will be ordered randomly (1, 2, 3, 4)
All players will ban a class in order 1-4. This class is unavailable for every player in the first 12 hours.
All players will pick a class from the 5 available classes in order 1-4.

Second ban/pick phase:
At the halfway mark the order will be reversed, and all players will ban a class in order 4-1. These classes are unavailable for every player in the last 12 hours.
All players will pick a class from the 5 available classes in order 4-1.

Each player will have an account with all basic cards unlocked for every class.
Each player will be awarded 10 packs as a starting bonus.
Each account will have access to Naxxramas and Black rock mountain. No bonus other than the cards unlocked will be given to the players for completing a solo adventure.

Contest Rules
Each player will begin at the same time, at 18:00 CEST
The competition will continue on for 24 hours.
There will be a mandatory 1 hour break at hour 14-15.
At the end of the contest whoever is highest on the ladder wins the $5,000 prize and is crowned champion. (stars count, legendary rank counts)
Every segment (contest end, every pause for a duel, etc) will start when every player finishes their current game. So if a player finds a match with 1 minute left in the contest, they will complete that game and it will count.
If two players have the same rank and stars, they will play in a BO3 showdown.

Random Ladder Meetings
If two marathons meet randomly on the ladder, the winner of the match can choose a card of his opponents that they need to disenchant.

How to Earn Decks
Every player gets 3 pack per hour. The player can choose to get normal, GvG or TGT card packs.
Every 6 hours, the players will be randomly paired into two matches and play in a mini 1v1 BO1 single elimination tournament. The winner will be awarded with 5 extra packs.
Social Media
Every third hour stream viewers can tweet in with #ASUS_Rog and #PlayItCool and #PacksforPlayer to give packs to their favourite. All three hashtags must be in the tweet to make the vote count. The player with most mentions will get bonus packs as follows:
1st = 5
2nd = 3
3rd = 2
4th = 1
The player can choose to get normal, GvG or TGT card packs.
Catch up
Every third hour the player in last position will be awarded with extra packs as follows:
4th = 4 packs
3rd = 3 packs
2nd = 2 packs
1st = 0 packs

The player can choose to get normal, GvG or TGT card packs.

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