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Dreamhack Winter 2015 is live! General info about DH and its activities.

A LOT of people were in line outside Lobby Nord long before the actual opening at 08:00 this morning. Amazing to see so many gamers that early in the morning, truly a view to behold!

Make sure to watch some of the worlds best e-sport while you’re here! The tournaments in CS:GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Heroes Of The Storm and Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void all starts today! Full e-sport schedule here: http://dreamhack.se/dhw15/esport/esport-schedule/.

If you enjoy nostalgia and looking at people who are insanely good at your childhood favourites, you should head to the streaming/speedrunning area in Hall C. Go there and see people finish games way faster than you thought was possible! Full speedrun schedule: http://www.speedrun.com/dreamhack/schedule/.

Go to the Fan Zone in Lobby Syd, just outside Hall C, to get a meet and greet with some of the leading stars in esport, cosplay and streaming. This also where the Casemod Championship will be held. More info and schedule here: http://dreamhack.se/dhw15/festival/fan-zone/.

The Dreamhack cosplay championship started at Dreamhack Summer 2014, and is of course returning now. Make sure you go there to see some of the worlds best cosplayers with completely amazing outfits. Thanks to a huge media coverage worldwide, and a big prize pool, this is truly a competition worth watching! Info and schedule: http://dreamhack.se/dhw15/festival/cosplay/.

If you need some hardware, merch or other gear, you can head to one of our shops. For both DH-merch and esport-merch, you can head to the store just outside Hall C. If you feel like buying some retro games, plushies or fancy collector items, you take the escalators in Hall C where you find the Dreammarket. And finally, for your gaming gear needs, visit Webhallen in the dreamexpo area.

Well, enough with all the fun activities, time to be a bit parent-y: It is very important to eat, drink and sleep well. Luckily, we have all the stuff you need to get a perfect LAN-experience without dizziness, headaches or dehydration. You can find food and drink stands all over the place, but as usual it’s Hall D that has the most variety. The sleeping hall is to the left if you enter Lobby Nord.

Now, set up your computers and/or consoles, make yourselves comfortable, and have a great Dreamhack Winter 2015!

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