Heroes of the Storm

DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash

We’re proud to announce that Heroes of the Storm will be back at DreamHack with our largest tournament yet. DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash will feature eight of the best teams from around the world competing for a prize pool of $25,000!

DreamHack All-Stars has previously featured two Heroes of the Storm tournaments at DreamHack Summer and DreamHack Valencia, where Team Liquid dominated with back-to-back titles. Now we’re excited to level things up with more teams, a bigger prize pool and an extended format for our best show yet at DreamHack Winter! Every match will be played live on stage in the DreamHack Winter esports hall on November 26th and 27th, as well as broadcast for free in HD so fans can tune in from home. Heroes of the Storm is also even bigger at DreamHack Winter than ever, with 2 amateur focused BYOC tournaments featuring 10 000 SEK each!

Cho’gall Buddy Brawl

DreamHack plays Heroes this year, and you can join us for a Cho’gall Buddy Brawl! Cho’gall is a unique new addition to game who requires two players to team up, each queuing as either Cho or Gall, in order to play together as one brawler. The ogre outbreak has already begun, and there are a number of ways to access the new Hero.

Online viewers who connect their Twitch account to their Battle.net account and watch the DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash finals on Friday, November 27 will have Cho’gall unlocked in the weeks following the event. See this blog for all the details.
BYOC attendees at DreamHack Winter will receive a code to unlock the Hero immediately, so they’ll be able to play Cho’gall during the event. Information on how to claim the code will be sent by email soon.

If you can’t make it to the event or watch the tournament online, you can still unlock the character by participating in a Cho’gall Buddy Brawl with another player who has access to the Hero.
Be sure to follow @DreamHack on Twitter for more Cho’gall code giveaways, and let us know how hyped you are for the tournament by sharing the #DreamHackPlaysHeroes hashtag on social media!


We’ll be hosting two BYOC championships for all amateur players in the LAN party at DreamHack Winter! Each will feature a winner take all prize pot of 10 000 SEK so be sure to grab 4 of your friends and enter the Nexus for your shot at claiming that prize! Signups are linked below. Both tournament are double elimination format.

November 27th

Check in: 14:00 CET
Matches start: 15:00 CET
#1 – 27th November

November 28th

Check in: 14:00 CET
Matches start: 15:00 CET
#2 – 28th November
For any questions be sure to hit up the GAME Crew located in Hall B, who can provide answers and assistance in participation!

DreamHack All-Stars Talent

Yoan “ToD” Merlo – Expert
James “Kaelaris” Carrol – Expert
Michael “KendricSwish” Kratzel – Expert
Manuel “Grubby” Shenkhuizen – Expert
Marcella “Nysira” de Bie – Host

DreamHack All-Stars Format

Tournament Details
Date: November 26th & 27th
Prize Pool: $25,000 USD
Teams: 8
Team Selection: Invite and open qualifiers
Tournament Format: GSL-style group stage into top-4 playoffs
Match Format: Bo3 in group stage, Bo5 in playoffs
Rules: HERE

DreamHack All-Stars Pro Teams

G2 Esport
Team Dignitas
Team Liquid

DreamHack All-Stars Schedule

11:45 – Preshow
12:00 – Group A – Match 1 – Team Dignitas vs. TCM-Gaming
13:30 – Group A – Match 2 – Team ROCCAT vs. mYinsanity
15:00 – Group A – Match 3 – Loser’s Match
16:30 – Group A – Match 4 – Winner’s Match
18:00 – Group B – Match 1 – Team Liquid vs. G2 Esport
19:30 – Group B – Match 2 – Virtus.Pro vs. Fnatic
21:00 – Group B – Match 3 – Loser’s Match
22:30 – Group B – Match 4 – Winner’s Match

13:15 – Preshow
13:30 – Group A – Decider Match
15:00 – Group B – Decider Match
16:45 – Semifinal 1
18:35 – Semifinal 2
20:30 – Grand Final

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