Heroes of the Storm Ruleset

Ruleset for DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash

DreamHack All-stars: Winter Clash Ruleset

Tournament Disclaimer

By signing up to this tournament you agree to the rules of this tournament.


Once achieving top 4, to be eligible to collect prize winnings players must attend the prize ceremony and tournament photoshoot at DreamHack’s request, as well as hand in all appropriate information to DreamHack. For more information see DreamHack’s general prize money
For more information see DreamHack’s general prize money policies here, note that DreamHack All-Stars: Winter Clash is paid out in USD and not SEK.

Format & Times

November 26th-27th at DreamHack Winter in Jönköping.
Schedule: http://dreamhack.se/dhw15/esport/esport-schedule/

Prize pool & Prize Distribution:
Total prize pool – 25 000 USD
1st place – 12,500 USD
2nd place – 7,500 USD
3rd/4th place – 2,500 USD

Format Main Tournament:
First Stage
Double elimination group play, “Best of Three (3)” Dual tournament format, Four teams will advance into a single elimination bracket.
Second Stage
Four team single elimination “Best of Five (5)”.

Game Mode:
Custom Lobby
Draft Mode

Map order:
First map: Team B pick
Second map: Loser pick
Third map: Loser pick
Fourth map: Loser pick
Fifth map: Loser pick

Draft Tool: Tournament Admin will use the following draft tool:

A coin will be flipped to determine Team A and Team B.
Winning Team is A, other is B.
Team A has first pick in ban/pick for Heroes for game 1, and this will rotate each game.
Team B has first pick for battleground 1.
Losing team always chooses battleground starting with game 2.
A map can’t be played twice in a match.

Start Team (on drafttool):
G1: Team A
G2: Team B
G3: Team A
G4: Team B
G5: Team A
Battleground: First Map Pre-determined (Check brackets)
Ban Mode: Double Ban System
Ban Timers: BlizzCon Timer (30s + 60s bonus)

Hero Veto:
Double Ban System
The Teams will then pick/ban heroes as follows:
Team A: Ban
Team B: Ban
Team A: Pick
Team B: Pick Pick
Team A: Pick Pick
Team B: Ban
Team A: Ban
Team B: Pick Pick
Team A: Pick Pick
Team B: Pick

Battleground Selection Process:
See above

Battlefield of Eternity
Blackheart’s Bay
Cursed Hollow
Dragon Shire
Garden of Terror
Haunted Mines
Infernal Shrines
Sky Temple
Tomb of the Spider Queen


If a player is found to be violating the rules, before vein disqualified an admin may award a penalty.
1st penalty: 10% prize pool reduction
2nd penalty: 25% prize pool reduction
3rd penality: disqualification


Players should always address the administrators and each other in a polite and respectful way.
An administrator has the final say in all matters. When the administrator says the word is final, the word is final and cannot be overruled.
Under extreme circumstances administrators reserve the right to change the rules.


All games must be played on the European Battle.net server.


The players should arrive at least 45 minutes before their match starts.
Each player will get at least 15 minutes to set up in the booth or tournament area, this is optional but recommended
Should a team be late (more than 15 minutes) for the start of a tournament match, the team will forfeit the first game of the match.
Should a team be more than 20 minutes late, the team will forfeit the match.


Bad behaviour towards other players, administrators or the audience may result in a disqualification.
If a team is clearly allowing the opposite team to win, said team may be warned or disqualified pending how clearly the match was lost on purpose.


If a team wants to make a complaint about a game result, the team has to tell the administrator assigned to the match immediately following the game.
If a team wants to object a game result ruled by an administrator, this has to take place immediately following the game.
If there is a problem in-game a team shall pause and immediately contact an admin.


No chat is ever permitted from a player to an outside party during a tournament match, or from an outside party to the a player, unless the outside party is an administrator.
Social Status must be set to “BUSY” in the Battle.net in-game chat client.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a warning or disqualification at the discretion of a tournament administrator.


The tournament PCs do not have PS2 ports or support pure PS2 emulation.
Teams are allow one coach on stage during the draft, not during gameplay.

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