We are very happy to announce that Cooler Master joins the DreamHack Winter 2015 Casemod Championship as the title sponsor. The DreamHack Cooler Master Casemod Championship will feature a whopping 50 000 SEK prize pool divided in two different competition classes. The Championship is open for everybody to join, both professional and amatuer modders. We are also super excited to present the judges of the tournament, all of which are well known personalities from the casemod scene.

Cooler Master is no stranger to casemodding and have been supporting the scene for a long time with various different competitions and projects. Besides the already announced prize pool of 50 000 SEK Cooler Master will step in with additional hardware to the best modders in the competition. The prize ceremony of the Championship will be held on the DreamHack Main Stage in hall D in front of 5000 people in the audience. The ceremony will also be live streamed on DreamHacks Twitch channel.

Joost Gommans, Marketing Manager Cooler Master
We embrace people’s need for self expression in all things they make and do. From components and cases, to the way they are configured and customized to match a specific look and feel. Cooler Master is committed to give greater choice and control to you.

This commitment is made real in our community of makers, modders and creators. We applaud and encourage everyone’s need to mod and customize a case. Because of that commitment, we offer our support to the case mod competition, demonstrate live modding, and provide casemod workshops by world’s best modders right here on our booth at Dreamhack, and events accross the world.


As Society president and founder of the youth organization Swerigs, winner of Intel’s Kitchen and as a casemodder, Lucas from Skåne, Sweden, has made himself a recognisable member of Swedens computer enthusiast scene. He also serves as counterbalance to the old age among the judges.

Owner of the modding shop PC-customs, located in Belgium, Mike is an awarded designer with several top 3 rankings in international casemod competitions. As nr1 winner in the Cooler Masters World Series 2015 with his scratch build “Tri-MAX” he is on fire ever since!

Sponsored enthusiast, professional pedagogue and self proclaimed eccentric from Uppland, Sweden. Since his first sponsored casemod back in 09 he’s had a prominent relationship with top tier hardware and chassis manufacturers. Starting in 2012, Hannes has been giving back to the community by arranging casemod exhibitions and competitions in Uppsala with some of swedens finest casemodders contesting.

From Örebro, Sweden we have the Lead Technician at Webhallen’s Config Division. He is also an enthusiast modder with drive, focus and attention to detail. He knows good design when he sees it.


The DreamHack Winter 2015 Casemod Championship is divided into two classes. The Championship class (invite class) and the Open class. The invites for the Championship class is awarded to the 12 best submitted applications. (Application are closed and the competitors will be presented in a news post soon here on The open class if free for all participants at DreamHack Winter 2015 to enter with their system at location. The Open class is limited to 64 participants / qualifier.

The Championship will be judged by a predefined group of persons well known by the industry. The judges will look at several different components when judging the systems including but not limited to overall presentation, innovation, build quality and also by talking to the competitors about their project at location.

During DreamHack Winter 2015 all competing participants will be on location showing their systems and being judged live in the competition area (at the Fan-Zone, Lobby Syd). The competition area will be open to public and you will have plenty of time to mingle with modders and competitors!


Total Prize pool: 50 000 SEK

Championship Class
1. 20 000 SEK
2. 10 000 SEK
3. 5 000 SEK
4. 3 000 SEK

Open class
1. 6 500 SEK
2. 3 000 SEK
3. 1 500 SEK
4. 1 000 SEK


Thursday 26th November
19:00 – Open Class on site qualifier 1 opens
20:30 – Open Class on site qualifier 1 closes

Friday 27th November
19:00 – Open Class on site qualifier 2 opens
20:30 – Open Class on site qualifier 2 closes

Saturday 28th November
12:00 – 14:00 – Championship class public showing
15:00 – 16:00 – Judges makes their final decision (behind close doors)
16:00 – 17:00 – Grand final and prize ceremony – DreamHack Main Stage – Hall D

Note: All times are CET . The schedule are subject of change and DreamHack may change, delete, or update it at any time and without prior notice. Please check back to get the latest version prior to the event.

Championship FAQ
Q: Can I apply with multiple projects?
A: No, you can not apply with multiple projects, we encourage you to apply with the best you got.

Q: Can I apply for both the Championship and Open class?
A: Yes, However you can only compete in one class. If you are not invited to the Championship class, you can still apply for the Open class.

Q: How do i claim my competition / tournament winnings?
A: Full details on how to claim your prize money is available in the prize money policy

Q: What language should my application be written in?
A: You can write in either Swedish or English.


Prize Money Policy:
Event rules:
Phone: +46 76 800 13 36 (Office hours)

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