We started with our cosplay activities at DreamHack Summer 2014 and we was really amazed by the quality of the costumes and the amount of the creations that was showed on the mainstage. Today we are very are happy to announce DreamHack Cosplay Championship at DreamHack Winter 2015.

The events in 2014, season 1, have featured world renown cosplay stars competing for the title including Tine Marie Riis, Ciwiel, Issabell, Chrix Design and many more. DreamHack Cosplay has not only made a huge impact on the Cosplay scene in the North but also worldwide through both media coverage and having one of the biggest prize-pools.


Competition: DreamHack Cosplay Championship
No of Participations: Max 80
Limited to online application, qualifications & preliminaries rounds.

Sign up online here:

Sign up for the online qualification here:


1. 15,000SEK
2. 10,000SEK
3. 5,000SEK

Best in Show. 5,000SEK

Audience choice:
All Cosplayers competing in the DreamHack World Cosplay Championship presented by Nvidia and Webhallen will be photographed at DreamHack Winter.
Their photos will be uploaded at DreamHack Facebook page in a specific album. The one with most likes by the last of Mars will receive a ticket, travel & hotel for DreamHack Summer 2016 to be able to compete in the Cosplay Championship.

Cosplayers are able to share, post, run campaigns & collect as many likes as possible until the end date last of Mars.

Based upon the overall costume, including quality, stage presence & impact.
Best in Show is awarded to the Cosplayer who have had the most impact on stage, either with a outstanding Costume but that might not fill the standard of quality of the champion or of a really nice show on stage.


27:th november;
18:00-19:30, DreamHack Cosplay Championship at Mainstage in hall D
20:30-21:15, DreamHack Cosplay Final & Prize Ceremony
21:15-22:00, DreamHack Cosplay Meet & Greet at FanZone

28:th november;
18:00-18:30, RIOT Cosplay Showcase, League of Legends at Mainstage in hall D
18:30-18:45, Cosplay Panel & show, at MAinstage in hall D

League of Legends Cosplay showcase

DreamHack Cosplay are together with Riot Games hosting a League of Legends Cosplay Showcase 28th of November 18:00 at Mainstage in hall D at DreamHack Winter.
We invite all League of Legends Cosplayer to show of their Cosplays during DreamHack Winter. Together with Riot Games we are very happy to welcome all League of Legends cosplayers to a showcase of their creations. We are also very excited to present that some of the top Scandinavian Cosplayers will host a panel on Cosplay in connection to the Showcase.

Sign-up for the Showcase here:

Johanna ‘’Ciwiel’’ Schramm,

Laura ‘’Laura Craft’’ Sipilää

Hannan Addas,


For two decades, NVIDIA has pioneered visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics.
With their invention of the GPU — the engine of modern visual computing — the field has expanded to encompass video games, movie production, product design, medical diagnosis and scientific research.
Today, visual computing is becoming increasingly central to how people interact with technology


Webhallen, one of the leading retailers in hardware, consumer electronics, gadgets, games and movies. To date, Webhallen has eleven physical stores scattered from Malmö to Uppsala, mail order and online store. In 2014 Webhallen have opened up the first Cosplay Cafe in the central of Stockholm and have therefore become the natural partner and title sponsor of DreamHack Cosplay Championship.


Performance option for those who like to do a performance;
DreamHack is evolving, opening up for the opportunity for cosplayers to do an individual or group performance during the DreamHack Cosplay Championship.
Standard rules of DreamHack Cosplay Championship still apply, except this is an opportunity to really make the stage yours to your own music/sound & show of.

-Contestants will provide a time coding for performance including general feeling, light color, when and where lights will be used and length of said light. Templet can be provided.
-Performance spots are limited, All contestants need to send in an application emailed to including whats stated above.
– Only one file per performance. No mic’s will be available. Required sound file must be sent in to DreamHack Cosplay crew 30 days before event.
-For group performance all participators must be signed up for the DreamHack Cosplay Championship.

Standard General rules still apply!

General Rules – Cosplay Championship

The recipient of any prize money is the individual person or company/association/non-profit organization that has registered for the specific competition. The winner/s must be present at the Prize Ceremony, Media interviews and connected photo-shoot.

Costume should be made by the contestants. Insignificant pre-fabricated parts can be used but original work is prefered and will be favored by the judges.

Costume must be based on a character originated from a computer game, video game, board game, anime, manga or comic book. Or from a movie based upon the following; Game, Anime, Manga, Comic/comicbook. The design must be based on an officially published work (no fan-arts)

Costume cannot, or otherwise utilize, any edged weapons or any type of projectile weapon regardless of whether it is unloaded or nonfunctional. Acceptable costume weapon props will be limited to air filled or soft plastic swords, daggers, maces or clubs and wooden staves that are not shod with metal: and may not include liquids, gels, or other substances which could cause a mess.

DreamHack has zero tolerance regarding; demeaning language, threats, hate crimes as well as statements that threatens or expresses contempt of ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation and gender identity.

No symbols of provocative theme or racism is allowed, even if this symbol is included in the official art of the characters this should be replaced or picked out of the costume.

Contestants must be able to go on and walk the stage by themselves, props must be carried by the contestant. No assistant, entourage, company or partner is not allowed backstage or on stage.

Sound, Lights and stage props will all be pre-prepared. Contestants can not in anyway affect the DreamHack mainstage settings. Settings will not be individually adapted but adapted for the show and competition in its entirety. Contestants are expected to walk on stage, act for a bit, do a few poses & then walk of. No performances.

DreamHack Winter Cosplay Championship will be live streamed and recorded and published as a VOD. By signing up to the DreamHack Cosplay Championship all contestants agree to be photographed, filmed and take part of a live stream on or at a media partner connected to DreamHack.

Judges are looking for impact, similarity, innovation & stage presence.

Detailed schedule will be published closer to the event.


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