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Enhance your BYOC experience: rent a BenQ ZOWIE monitor

Did you always want to try one of BenQ ZOWIE’s e-Sports monitors but never had the chance? This year’s DreamHack Winter there will be a special opportunity for attendants: BenQ ZOWIE offers you the possibility to rent one of their monitors to enjoy the smooth, competitive experience they bring.

There are two models to choose from which each fulfil a different requirement:

– Does your PC support up to 240 frames per second (we recommend either a GeForce GTX 10×0 / 9×0 or an AMD R9 / R7 graphics card)? Then the XL2540 with native 240Hz is the right choice for you.
– If your PC supports up to 144Hz then we recommend to go for ZOWIE’s premiere XL2430 e-sports monitor.


To be eligible for this, write an email to Internal.euCom@BenQ.com before November 18th in which you state which monitor you would like (first come, first serve), your seat number and telephone number. You will then receive a confirmation email (please note: this offer is only valid for the first 120 people to respond).

Print this email and take it to DreamStore, pay the deposit (3,790 SEK for XL2430, 5,290 SEK for XL2540) and you will receive the monitor, a voucher and further information as to where to store your empty box. By the end of DreamHack Winter, you can return to the DreamStore with your voucher and receive your deposit minus the rental fee (190 SEK for XL2540, 90 SEK for XL2430) back. However, if you enjoyed your experience with the monitor you could pick up the empty box instead and take this model home.

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