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Overwatch fans, get hyped! DreamHack Winter 2016 will feature Overwatch as one of the main esports tournaments! Find all information released regarding the tournament here! If you have any questions please contact esport [at] dreamhack.se.



Panel Host – Soe – @Soembie
Analyst/Caster – MrX – @MattMrX
Analyst/Caster – Jason Kaplan – @JKaplan
Analyst/Caster – Ubershouts – @UberShouts
Analyst/Caster – ZP – @TempoZP
Analyst/Caster – Hexagrams – @Hexagrams


Prize pool

Total: $50,000
1st: $30,000
2nd: $10,000
3rd/4th: $5,000
3rd/4th: $5,000


Tournament format

Day one of DreamHack Winter 2016 there will be a double elimination BYOC qualifier where the top four qualifies for the main tournament. To be able to participate in this one you need a LAN Seat and a computer to play on from the LAN area.
Foyr teams have qualified throughout online qualifiers.
Day two and three there will be group stages of four teams in each group in a double elimination format where two teams in each group gets eliminated. The other four teams goes into a single elimination bracket.


Qualified Teams

Eu Ninjas in PyjamasTeam Info
Eu MisfitsTeam Info

Us FnaticTeam Info
Us compLexity GamingTeam Info

Eu BYOC – PENTA Sports
Eu BYOC – UnWanted
Eu BYOC – mousesports


BYOC qualifier

Onsite at DreamHack Winter
Dates: 24th November
Time: 12PM CET
Check-in: 9AM-12PM CET
Sign-up: LINK

Rules can be found here



Group A
Fi Ninjas in Pyjamas
North_America CompLexity Gaming
Eu PENTA Sports
Se UnWanted

Group B
Worldflag Fnatic
Eu Misfits
Eu mousesports


Full Schedule

Friday, November 25th
12:00 – Group A: Fi NiP vs Se UnWanted: 2 – 0
13:30 – Group A: Eu PENTA vs North_America coL: 0 – 2
15:00 – Group A: Se UnWanted vs Eu Penta: 1 – 2
16:30 – Group A: Fi NiP vs North_America coL: 2 – 0
18:00 – Group B: Worldflag Fnatic vs Eu mousesports: 2 – 1
19:30 – Group B: Eu Misfits vs Eu LDLC:  2 – 0

Saturday, November 26th
11:00 – Group B: Eu LDLC vs Eu mousesports: 2 – 0
12:15 – Group B: Worldflag Fnatic vs Eu Misfits
13:30 – Group B Decider
15:00 – Group A Decider
16:30 – Semi Final #1
18:45 – Semi Final #2
21:00 – Grand Final


Official Stream

English DreamHack.tv/overwatch


Community Streams

Russian hitbox.tv/overwatchruhub
Chinese huomaotv.com
German twitch.tv/taketv_overwatch
French twitch.tv/ogamingoverwatch
French twitch.tv/esl_alphacast
Korean twitch.tv/namedhwi
Portugese hitbox.tv/dreamhackowbra
Polish twitch.tv/esl_overwatch_pl
Italian twitch.tv/spaziogames


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