DreamHack On Tour IO Female ALLSTARS

Powered by : INTEL, Hewlett Packard and TELIA
DreamHack and Inferno Online are joining forces to support the female gaming scene this winter with a prestigious International female tournament. Telia is inviting the audience at the legendary DreamHack festival with the courtesy of INTEL and Hewlett Packard to present that exclusive female Counter Strike 1.6
tournament. Teams from Brazil (Mibr) but also France (Millenium) Sweden, Czech rep and Russia…. (Fnatic Esuba, Mousesports…)

– TELIA booth @ DreamHack Winter Jönköping
– November : Friday 26th and Saturday the 27th
– The best Female Counter-Strike teams in the world
– 40 000 Sek Cash Prize and more sponsor products from HP and INTEL

Featuring the next DreamHack festival in Jönköping the place and time of of DreamHack Winter 2010 grand finals our main partners TELIA, INTEL and Hewlett Packard are inviting the world’s audience for a new chapter of the Esports books : ‘DreamHack On tour IO Female ALLSTARS’.
We are simply inviting the best Counter-Strike Female teams in the world for a very private cup under TELIA spotlights at DreamHack. The reason why we do this is simply because we believe Esport has no color or no gender and every community should be given a chance to thrill the audience and compete with their own style for the beauty of Esport !

About INTEL : www.intel.com Intel pushes the boundaries of innovation so our work can make people’s lives more exciting, fulfilling, and manageable. And our work never stops. We never stop looking for the next leap ahead—in technology, education, culture, manufacturing, and social responsibility. And we never stop striving to deliver solutions with greater benefits for everyone.

ABOUT HP : www.hp.com
HP is a technology company that operates in more than 170 countries around the world. We explore how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams. We apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology, continuously improving the way our customers live and work.

About IOL : www.infernoonline.com
Inferno Online Stockholm was opened on the 15th of March, 2003. With 95 computers and a small desk with candybars and snacks, Inferno Online was the largest gaming center in Sweden at the time. In 2008, Inferno Online made it’s last expansion, gaining a total of 300 computers and became Europe’s largest gamingcenter. At the same time, the host of the world’s largest LAN-event, Dreamhack, became partners with Inferno Online and the circle was complete – Inferno Online and Dreamhack became one of the most powerful gaming organisations in Sweden.

About Telia : www.telia.se
The Official Internet Service Provider. Telia is one of Europe’s best network of low and stable gaming pings and no packet loss a worldclass gaming experiences. That is why many of the big game providers to put their servers in Telia’s network. Here you will meet the best players in the most fun and challenging online games – both for regular PCs and game consoles. Telia offers during DreamHack the world’s cruelest broadband experience.

About DreamHack : www.dreamhack.se
DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival and holds the official world record as world’s largest LAN party in the Guinness Book of Records. During 2009 DreamHack reached over 200.000 unique visitors with our live activities around the World.

About Fesport.com : www.fesport.com
Fesport.com is an international community website that covers everything related to the female gaming scene. We provide in depth information about female leagues and tournaments all over the world, from interviews with the female gamers themselves, pictures of events, reviews and much more.
Tournament co-produced by Inferno Online and DreamHack, hosted by TELIA and powered by INTEL and Hewlett Packard. From 25th to 27th of November 2010 in ELMIA Jönköping. Logo Design by Catarina ‘Trixy’ Törnfeldt www.tornfeldt.com.



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