As announced at the last final of the Masters of the Video Game Festival in Paris, the circuit Masters joins NVIDIA to launch the first ever competition in the 3D world, “NVIDIA 3D VISION Cup!

We were all looking forward the title chosen for the first edition of this “cup” is finally official …
The famous license car game “Need For Speed” © EA Games, Electronic Arts.

Electronic Arts has joined the Masters and NVIDIA to offer the competitors a unique experience to live on one of the driving games the most successful of the moment!

Throughout the season, you can participate in each event Masters Series at the qualifications for one of the 16 seats for the grand final of the Masters in Paris, and try and win the $ 5 000 in winnings and an endowment 3D games and equipment offered by NVIDIA and its partners PNY, LDLC and EA Games!

With the support from PNY and LDLC, many events will also allow the public to discover the NVIDIA ® 3D Vision ™ to experience real 3D experiences!

“With the proven success and growing our NVIDIA 3D Vision in the PC gaming community, we’re pleased to launch the first e-sports competition using 3D. This will be an opportunity for some to discover and experience this new mode of competition, which provides a total immersion that propels the game into another dimension. ”

Serge Lemonde, NVIDIA marketing manager EMEA – Europe, Africa & Middle East

NVIDIA ® 3D Vision ™ is the combination of a graphics processor (GPU), 3D glasses “active”, an advanced software and a display system certified. It can deliver a 3D experience immersive PC (desktop or laptop) as a workstation.

PC Vision 3D ™ can radically change the way you interact with your computer.Play over 425 existing PC games, watching Blu-ray movies in 3D, take your own photos or take high definition 3D and the latest sporting events Streaming: You can do all this with a PC Vision 3D ™!

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