DH Interview DK !

Dreamhack Interview DK Désiré koussawo French ‘Masters du jeu vidéo’

DreamHack : Hello Doctor Désiré, you’re a well known actor for the French gaming scene, can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Désiré Koussawo : Hello i’m Désiré Koussawo, Président of the Association Futurolan who produces the Gamers Assembly in the Futuroscope Park in Poitiers.  I am as well the main representative for the French Masters of Videogames network.

DH : Obviously you are gifted with have super powers, where do they come from : genetic manipulation, radiation, mutations.

DK : My mother never wanted to give me answer to that fundamental and transcendental question about the known and unknown universe…

DH : Can you tell us about your team and your organisation, what means are available to you in France?

DK : Back in year 2000 GA was happening in an old gymnasium with a hundred of players who came from all around the country. Now it’s more than 800 players,150 volunteers on more than 3 days, a local network with more than 1000 slots , optical fiber connection, an event coverage featuring more than 100 French journalists …

On the top of that there’s like 30 sponsors, brands and partners every year to prize the numerous Esports competitions.

DH : From Poitiers to Paris, what would be the next step-city where you will produce something new in France?

DK : The alliance between Gamers Assembly and the main French Lan party created a national tour: the ‘Masters Français du Jeu Vidéo’. The last  finals took place in Paris last September and was crowned with success the winners will travel to DreamHack Winter and the WCG in Los Angeles.

DH : What can you tell us about Lan Alliance?

DK : It’s the alliance of the main associations organising gaming events in France that has allowed us to keep alive the national Esport scene after Eswc went bankrupt back in  2009. That alliance has allowed us to share human and technical ressources, share our experiences, thus we aim to improve the quality and the size of each association and Esport in France in general. Today Lan Alliance regroups the following associations : Assoping (Ping Arena), Cyber Azerty Club (Azerty Party), Futurolan (Gamers Assembly), LanaFrance (Maxlan), NeXeN, PxL Lan, Re-SO and Spirit Lan.


DH : What are the other organisations or esports partners that you do represent in France?

DK : CS 1.6 et TMN, are proposed by the WCG and this season the champions went to Los Angeles. CS 1.6 male, and CS 1.6 female, TMN, SSF4 et SC2, are the games we present in DreamHack On Tour.

DH : Why did you choose to become DreamHack’s strategic partner in France, how did the French audience welcome Dreamhack On Tour?

DK : Initiating the first season we had excellent relations with the French person in charge of oversea for DreamHack we moved quick and safe to represent oficialy DreamHack in France. The French audience has showned respect and interest and reacted positively about the DreamHack on Tour Challenge :)

DH : What’s your own opinion about separating girls than boys to play CS?

DK : The female gaming scene has always been less represented than the male one, but the organisers in France always wanted to keep that scene alive. Since we’ve started to produce female gaming we faced a real interest from the audience the medias and the sponsors on that unique content.

It looks that obviously this separation between boys and girls teams is necessary to allow it existing and growing up. But again in many different sportive disciplines the distinction exists without problems, i don’t think that Esport is so different to other sports.

DH : What is the agenda your visions of the future?

DK : We’re still working our hats off to improve the size and the quality of our events on the whole network…

The main news this new season will be the creation of an oficial ‘Masters’ license allowing the players to be ranked on the oficial tour and to benefit partners offers and special rates. We are also fusioning the rules and the players ranking system all together.

But the most significant fact for this next season is the world grand premiere of the “NVIDIA 3D Vision Cup” in France that will allow us to try this new technology along the Master’s Season with full support from NVIDIA.

DK : When it comes to my personal motivation on such a collective duty….. To be honest with you i’m sometimes also wondering the same ^^ !


DH Interview DK !
DH Interview DK !
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Orange Partner
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