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DH : You are working with DUH-Events, what can you tell about your own history, your achievements, your function for that company?
Stefan Mennes : DUH-Events is founded to continue the work we do for gaming events in the Benelux, my team and I have been running websites about gaming and organizing gaming related events like lanparties and competitions since 1998 and after 10 years we decided to split the company in two separate businesses, one for the web, and one for the events. I became the CEO of DUH-Events working with a close team of 6 people and 152 volunteers to set up the largest lanparties and competitions in
our region. July 30th the 10th edition of our outdoor gaming event will start. 1500 people will bring their computers and camping equiptment to play games and have fun together for 11 days.
DH : There have been several busses to DreamHack coming from the Benelux, can you tell us about ”Intel Pack 4 DreamHack”?
Stefan Mennes : Intel Pack4DreamHack is our initiative to help gamers from Benelux to make the trip of a lifetime to visit DreamHack. With Intel as our main sponsor we can offer the trip by luxery touring car, including lots of cool goodies and BYOC DreamHack tickets for just € 99,- And we host the regional qualifiers for the Pro competitions at DreamHack. You can follow our trips and raffles at our Blog:
DH : You seem to have all the tools and the resources to produce your own festivals in the Benelux, what is it that keeps you organising ’DreamHack On Tour’ qualifiers and ‘Intel Pack 4 DreamHack’?
Stefan Mennes : We do host our own festivals in the Benelux, the largest festivals we host are The-Party in April, the largest indoor lanparty in the Benelux ( And CampZone, the 11 day outdoor festival where
people set up their gaming rigs in tents and caravans to set out on the virtual battlefield together. With some drinks and leisure time in the sun (or shade) on the side. ( The qualifiers for DreamHack on tour and the Intel Pack4DreamHack supplement our own events and are a great deal of fun to host.
DH : The nerve of gaming and esports production  happens to be sponsoring and corporate partners, who are your main partners and how do they support your initiatives?
Stefan Mennes : Our main partner on the DreamHack trips is Intel, they support us financially and help to organize a better value for the ‘packers’. They supply lots of goodies and other sponsors to make the trip the best value for money deal around. Other great supporting partners are Giga-Byte technology and CoolerMaster who are main sponsors of almost all
festivals we organize.
DH : You’ve set a large blogging coverage, movie teams, journalists coming along ‘Intel Pack 4 DreamHack’, were they more focused on Esports or Gaming ? How did the Benelux audience react?
Stefan Mennes : Our blogging coverage has its main focus on the fun part of the trip. Some activities of the ‘packers’: Fun stuff we see or do, and some coverage of the DreamHack festival in general. The movie team makes fun movies about the trip, but also covers the competitions and our qualified teams more seriously. And the journalists focus mainly on the esports aspect
of DreamHack. This total mix makes the Intel Pack4DreamHack such a special thing. The audience seems to love the way we do things, there is a waiting list for the bus for the winter edition already, and the blog at is well read.
DH : Do you play videogames, which ones?
Stefan Mennes : I don’t have the time to play as many games as i would like to play. But I really love strategy games like Command and Conquer Red alert, total annihilation and starcraft. In first person shooters I’m usually the sniper-
type player, which suits me pretty well I guess. The last few weeks I have mainly been playing Red Alert 3, Left4Dead2 and Borderlands.
DH : Can you tell us a bit about your events schedule in 2010 / 11 /12 ?
Stefan Mennes : Our event schedule is pretty straight forward: we have our yearly festivals: The-Party in April and CampZone at the end of July.  And of course we visit both DreamHack  Summer and DreamHack Winter with our packers.
For next year we have a new festival planned, but that’s still a secret. (ssst)


DH Interview DK !
DH Interview DK !
Orange Partner
Orange Partner
Norwegian bus
Norwegian bus
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servaNt wins !!

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