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Good Night Brave Warrior at DreamHack Stockholm

Good Night Brave Warrior is the tale of two twins fulfilling their childhood dream of creating games together. One artist and one programmer, all we miss is a third twin to make music. We strive to recreate the magical feeling in old 16-bit games, the one you get when you embark on colorful adventures to fight evil bosses and save the world.

Sling Ming is our first game, still in development. It’s a classic 2D platformer in itís core but changes it up with rope mechanics and physics puzzles. Strapped into a harness, Ming has the ability to sling around levels like a trapeze artist. Pull off graceful aerials within inches of spikes, lava, puzzling contraptions and deadly bosses. Explore three different worlds in search of the keys and power-ups needed to face the evil that lurks beneath the royal castle.

We will show Sling Ming for the first time in public at DreamHack Stockholm. Please swing by and try it!


web: www.gnbw.com
Twitter: @goodnightbw
Facebook: /goodnightbravewarrior
Youtube: /GoodNightBW

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