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Gatling Goat Studios at DreamHack Stockholm

Gatling Goat Studios was founded during the second year of studies at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Traverser started as a school project that quickly escalated to a full on production after we entered a competition known as Game Concept Challenge. When the judges carried out the verdict that Traverser would be the concept to walk away with the highest price our spirit skyrocketed. We have a broad variety of knowledge thanks to our different lines of study (sound production, game development, graphics design).

Traverser – is an adventure game where you play as Valerie Bennett, a traverser. As a traverser you can flip between the two sides of a underground city in order to discover the secrets hidden behind centuries of lies and propaganda built up by the mysterious Raven Corporation.

More information can be found at www.gatlinggoatstudios.com


www: www.gatlinggoatstudios.com
Youtube: /GatlingGoatStudios
Facebook: /gatlinggoatstudios
Twitter: @Gatling_Goat

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