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Vovoid at DreamHack Stockholm

Luna | Sky is a High speed high precision adventure platformer with uncompromising “highly polished”* game mechanics. Play as Luna and run, skate and fly through 4 beautifully designed alien worlds. Designed for 60+ FPS on PC (GNU/Linux and Windows).

Vovoid has always been about visual technology. Be it for ourselves, our customers or in the case of our Free Software projects – the community at large – our goal and hope is to help push technology forward a little bit to encourage, inspire and enable creativity. Vovoid was founded in the year 2000 and was up until 2011 known as “Vovoid Software & Multimedia”. Our roots include the DOS era, demoscene and Sonique media player music visual development.


web: www.vovoid.com
Twitter: @VovoidLuna

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