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Clocktower Interactive was founded August 2014. The team consists of Max Runelind that does the sound design and Wilhelm Nylund and Philip Ă–rum that does the rest. We are proud to be the youngest people ever to be nominated to Swedish game awards. Air Brawl is an arcade dogfighter where the main focus of the game lies in tight controls, fun weapons and letting the player use the terrain to their advantage.

Air Brawl is a fast paced plane game with two main parts, fighting and racing. The main focus of the game is tight and responsive flight controls and game mechanics that reward skillful flying. One of the planned game modes is capture the flag because it rewards low flying and difficult maneuvers in order to get the flag back to base. The game will feature many different planes with varying aesthetic with multiple primary and secondary weapons to chose from.

The game started as small side project but has after its nomination in Swedish game awards been worked on full time . The game has been in development for ~5 months and has its planned release Q3 2015. The team will be at DreamHack Stockholm in the DreamExpo and show their game Air Brawl to the public.

LEarn more about the game at www.indiedb.com

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