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Nemoria at DreamHack Stockholm

Nemoria Entertainment is a Game Developer and Video Game Consultant that consists of three members located in the Swedish coastal town of Karlshamn. Oknytt was Nemoria’s first in-house developed product, a 2D adventure game for PC heavily influenced by Norse folklore and mythology. Our goal for Oknytt was to create a, for us, personal and close to home experience where the player gets to explore a world filled with otherworldly deities and unsettling nature present in Norse folklore. The development of Oknytt was self-funded, spanning across January 2012 to the commercial release at a number of online distributors on the 8th of July 2013. The game is currently on Steam.

Nemoria is currently working on Northward, a cooperative management game. Through this project we will create a game where you and a friend manage a village and its inhabitants as you experience their story together. With influences from games like the Settlers, various tower defense and transport games we have come up with a game where you have to work together to collect resources, expand your settlement and build defenses to protect your villagers from the ever present dangers while pushing towards the towering mountains of the north.


www: www.nemoria.net
Facebook: /NemoriaEntertainment
Youtube: /nemoriaentertainment

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