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Game Talk Stage: Alien Arena

In 2004, Alien Arena saw first light. Born from the love for fast paced, classic games like Quake and Unreal Tournament. The original idea, was to base the characters on famous movie aliens and monsters. Using The famed IdTech2 engine, CRX, Alien Arena had a good start. 10 years and 3 generations later, Alien Arena has become a stand­alone game. The engine has completely been overhauled and all kinds of graphical improvements and eyecandy have been added. And we are far from done. The next step is to gain even more ground on the AAA­titles. Yes, a giant challenge, but hey, why not?

Victor Balke from the Alien Arena team will speak about the game at the Game Talk stage at 13:30 CEST on Saturday September 27.


web: red.planetarena.org
Twitter: @alienarena2011
Youtube: /alienrace

The game talk stage is located in Annexet and will feature lots of lectures and presentations from the indie developers at location.

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