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Gamers. You dont have to stop. Time will stop you.

This past couple of weeks have been miserable for people who actually want to play games with other people. Doxxing and hacking and threatening women because they dare to have an opinion different to Gamers. In a sobering presentation that will look at failing education scores and the widening racial, sexual, and economic demographics, I?ll paint a picture where the worst of us slowly get squeezed out.

It will be frightening, so well end with how we can make this transition a joyous, beautiful thing, and get back to playing.
But maybe not that audience


Adam Mayes is part developer, part designer and just old enough to remember when newspapers were more than broken iPads. Working at Swedenís oldest game education I spend my days exploring the intersection of game design, technology and learning processes. Toiling ceaselessly, in the vain hope of one day stopping the ìThatís nice, dear. But when are you going to get a proper job?î weekly phone call from his mother.

Adam Mayes will talk at the Game Talk Stage in Annexet on Saturday 27 September at 14:00 & 16:45 CEST

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