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Games of Glory Alpha Key Giveaway!

Today, we are excited to announce that we have 2000 Games of Glory alpha keys available for immediate electronic distribution to the DreamHack community! This is a very special occasion, as we are currently still in a very limited closed alpha phase.

Keys are being handed out on a first-come, first-served basis. To claim your key, just enter your email address in the widget below:

If unused, these keys will expire by October 5, 2014.

Lightbulb Crew, the French and Swedish developer behind Games of Glory, will also be on location at Dreamhack. Be sure and drop by to try out the game! As a reminder, this is still an early alpha, so you may see some bugs and placeholder assets (sound, gfx, etc.). Lightbulb Crew is counting on you to give as much feedback as possible in the forums

About Games of Glory

Games of Glory is a MOBA-Crossover, mixing the action of shooters and hack & slash games with the team play and tactics of online battle arenas. The Games of Glory are the gladiator games in the futuristic galactic empire of the Synarchy, where players take the roles of the super-star clone controllers.

To learn more about Games of Glory please visit: http://games-of-glory.com

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