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Stockholm eSports & Game Congress

At DreamHack Stockholm, we’re also hosting Stockholm eSports- & Game Congress, featuring some of the most prominent figures in eSports and game development taking place inside the Ericsson Globe during DreamHack Stockholm.

Around 150 people are invited to the congress. As most of the stuff will behind locked doors, some stuff will be avaiable for the public – at the GameTalk stage (at Annexet). A full set of discussion panels will be taking place at the GameTalk Stage and streamed online at Twitch. This event marks one of the few times such a large number of key figures get together and discuss core issues and possibilities in eSports. We want to facilitate and spark creative new ideas and discussions to strengthen eSports and game development.

Friday 26th of September

14.00 How Free 2 Play have changed game development and eSports? What lessons can be learned?
17.30 Game Development: eSports by choice or accident?

Saturday 27th of September

12.00 Sponsoring eSports: Is there a real return on investment?
17.30 International body as FIFA in eSports, do we need a global confederation?

Some of the panelists:

- Henning Christiansson, Nyheter24
- Tobey Sherman, GEM
- Simon Sundén, MTGx
- Dennis Gehlen, NEEDforSEAT
- Alexander Kokhanovskyy, Na’Vi Gaming
- James Lampkin, ESL
- Manuel Schenkhuizen, Professional gamer
- Duncan Shields, Journalist
- Matt Bailey, Journalist
- Dr.Hamilton
- Patrick Liu, Rovio
- Matt Marcou, Xfire
- Jacob Kroon, Dataspelsbranschen
- Tau Petersen, Stunlock Studios
- Almir Listö, Starbreeze
- Stuart Saw, Twitch
- Jason Xu, Battlefy
- Andreas Larsson, Light bulb Crew


DreamHack will broadcast the Congress in English at www.twitch.tv/dreamhacktv Full broadcast schedule and more information about the live streaming will be released soon. The panels will be led by well-known eSports veteran Richard Lewis, and in the same channel you will also find some Indie Sessions and other GameTalks.

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